Moja Tu

Meet Magdaline: Success and Hope!

Success is never an accident. It’s born out of hard work, determination, sacrifice, and most of all passion. Magdaline, one of our newest university students, knows all about what it takes to succeed, and she’s ready to implement these values during her university career.

We met Magdaline back in 2016. Her family was struggling to pay her secondary school fees, and Magdaline had to miss many days of school because of this. She was at the verge of dropping out of high school altogether, but we were able to step in and ensure that her education continued. After several years under Moja Tu’s wing, she completed her Kenya Certificate of Seconday Education (KCSE) at the end of 2018 with an excellent grade of a B. This signalled the end of Magdaline’s high school career, and guaranteed her a seat at Kenyatta University to pursue a Bachelor’s of Education Sciences. The girl who wasn’t sure if she would ever finish high school is now set to become the first in her family to earn a university education! Here’s what Magdaline had to say about her time in Moja Tu:

“I am so excited that I will be going to one of the top universities in the country. Ever since I was a little girl, my dream has always been to become a teacher. As a teacher, I will be able to pass down knowledge to the next generation and help make my country – and the world – a better place. If I had not been sponsored, things would have taken a very different course. I would probably have dropped out of school completely. Moja Tu came into my life when I needed them most. The organization has restored my hope for my future. I never have to worry about school fees because my sponsor has that covered for me.

I am looking forward to creating great memories in university. As a teacher, I hope I will be known as someone who will not only be known for passing down knowledge, but also for the values that she stands for and the leaders she helps to create.

I would like to take this chance to thank the organization for all the support that it has offered me. My sponsors James and Audrey have always supported and cared for me, and I love them very much. I promise to keep working hard in my studies so that all my dreams may come to pass. Thank you Moja Tu!”