Moja Tu

Meet Magdaline – Co-sponsorship

Magdalene will be joining the university in the coming months. She is excited about the prospects of moving to the next level of her studies, and we are glad that we played a role in her success. Magdalene risked dropping out of school after sitting her primary exit examination as her parents were not in a position to meet the high cost associated with secondary school. We couldn’t let that happen, and we are determined to see Magdalene through with her education.

The firstborn in a family of 10 children, she is intelligent and determined to get her family out of their poverty-stricken background. She lives in a rural area, and her parents are farmers. Understandably, with the many mouths to feed, they have difficulty making ends meet. Magdalene was fortunate to have been able to attend a primary school as a result of a private donor. Moja Tu came into the picture just as she was to join high school, and we are fortunate to have found a sponsor who, without fail, paid for her school fees and upkeep throughout high school.

With her university education looming, we are looking for a co-sponsor who will hold hands with Magdalene’s current sponsor and help her during this critical part of her studies. Will you help Magdalene through university by co-sponsoring her?

Co-sponsoring Magdaline's university education is $100 per month. This amount, in addition to what another sponsor will put in, will cover the student's tuition fees, monthly upkeep, accommodation and medical care.

Joy Katanu