Moja Tu

Meet Kennedy!

Though he is quite shy, Kennedy has a wonderful smile to share with the world. If you talk to him long enough, you will find that he has big dreams of someday becoming an electrical engineer. Unfortunately, Kennedy’s home life has been less than encouraging. Kennedy lives with his parent’s and 3 siblings in a one-room house. His parents and older siblings work on one of Naivasha’s flower farms as day laborer’s, but their incomes combined are barely enough to keep a roof over everyone’s head, much less pay for Kennedy’s education. Couple this with the fact that Kennedy’s father often spends a significant amount of money on alcohol and is often quite abusive to his family, and one would understand if Kennedy had all but given up on a better future.

However, this is not the case for Kennedy. He has worked hard in school and was able to earn 333 out of 500 total marks at the end of term 1, putting his grade at a solid B average. Given everything that is going on at home, this is a commendable score. We are sure that in a boarding school environment, like that of a secondary school, Kennedy will be able to focus on his studies and develop as a person, without the threat of his father’s bad temper constantly looming over him.

It won’t be easy – Kennedy will likely need counseling to help him process what his father has put him through. However, he is more than willing to give it his all, and we want to help Kennedy realize the full potential inside of him.