Moja Tu

Meet Joyce!

Joyce is a top-performing student who has not allowed the curves life has thrown at her to affect her academic performance or her dream of becoming a doctor. An A student, Joyce recently topped her class with 414 marks out of 500. She is also very confident and ambitious. With these high scores and her outgoing personality, Joyce is sure to make a fantastic doctor in the future.

Unfortunately, Joyce knows better than anyone that without financial help, she may never achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. After her parents’ divorce, Joyce, her mother and seven siblings went to live at her grandparents’ home. The family of 10 now lives in a two-room house that barely fits them all, with only a small piece of land to farm for food. Joyce’s mother also works as a day laborer to supplement what they get from farming, but she is just one woman with 9 mouths to fed. Joyce knows that they are in no position to pay for her secondary school fees.

Joyce hopes her good grades, awesome personality and ambitious nature will help catch the eye of a sponsor. Her mother and grandparents are convinced that if someone empowers her, Joyce will do her best to give back and empower others.