Moja Tu

Meet Joyce!

Joyce took her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams at the end of 2018 and earned 337 out of 500 marks total. This meant that her overall score was a solid B. While this score granted her a spot at a good secondary school, she had to enroll at a day school due to her family’s inability to pay for the fees associated with going to boarding school. Though this is a setback for Joyce, who would thrive in the boarding school environment, she has done the best with where she is currently at. All of Joyce’s teachers describe her as bright, hard-working, and full of potential.

Unfortunately, her home life is not conducive to her development, either. Her mother is an alcoholic who used to brew illicit alcohol in the home, but she finally stopped after countless stints in jail. Joyce is the youngest of 8 children, most of whom did not attend secondary school and are now working in menial labor jobs or idling away at home. One of Joyce’s brothers, however, was able to go to a university with the help of a local secondary school he attended. He is Joyce’s role model and there is nothing she would want more than to follow in his footsteps. Thanks to his example, Joyce knows that education can enrich her and her family’s life. She wants to help him pull their family out of poverty by earning an education of her own.

Joyce needs a sponsor who will help her cultivate an environment where she can focus on her studies and achieving her goals. We are so excited to help this bright young woman escape the stagnation at home and at her current secondary school.