Moja Tu

Meet Joshua!

Joshua is a very creative young man who loves to build things. Recently, he assembled a fan from a radio he stripped down on his own. During our first interview with him, he eagerly explained how he built his fan to us. His enthusiasm and curiosity immediately caught our eye, and we were immediately sure we wanted to find him a sponsor to help him nurture the gifts he already has.

Joshua earned 330 out of 500 marks at the end of term 1, putting his average at a solid B+. He is looking forward to taking his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations at the end of the year. These exams will mark the end of his time in primary school and his transition to secondary school. Joshua is very optimistic about starting high school next year, but his excitement has been slightly dampened in the face of the fact that his family cannot afford to pay his school fees. Joshua’s family gets by with the help of well-wishers, but he knows that he cannot rely on them for consistent financial aid for school.

Luckily, Joshua’s older sister, Patience, is also a member of the Moja Tu family. With Patience to guide him and a sponsor to support him, we are sure that Joshua will be a fantastic new addition to our program. Encourage Joshua’s talents and enthusiasm for learning by sponsoring him today!

Sponsoring Joshua’s education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!