Moja Tu

Meet Joshua: Trusting the Process!

During this COVID-19 season, Joshua has been keeping himself busy by engaging in brick making. It gives him great satisfaction to see the work of his hands going on to build beautiful houses. Joshua understands that it takes time, commitment and hard work to create something beautiful.

Just like the bricks he makes, Joshua’s current life is a result of patience and time. A third-year student at the Technical University of Mombasa earning a Bachelor’s in Hotel and Hospitality Management, Joshua is one of the first students to be enrolled at Moja Tu.

“I have been in Moja Tu for seven years. I had just completed my primary education and despite performing relatively well, I wasn’t sure if I could pursue secondary education due to not having the money to pay for secondary school fees,” Joshua shares.

This was a discouraging situation, to say the least, for he had put so much time and effort into his studies and the thought of cutting his academic journey short gnawed at him day and night. Lucky for Joshua, Moja Tu exists to assist students like him to chase their dreams unhindered.

“Since I joined Moja Tu, the program has been paying my school fees from form one to form four and they are still paying my university fees and facilitating my every need while in school,” he says.

Joshua’s dream has always been to be a chef and with a degree in hospitality, he is sure on his way to achieving this. “Besides being a top chef, I want to one day own a world class restaurant and I believe I can achieve this goal,” Joshua tells us.

He further reveals that his leadership qualities and skills were enhanced at Moja Tu. Over his time in the organization, he has been trusted with many leadership positions, which have helped him gain the ever-important self-confidence we all need in life. “I was the school captain in my primary school. In high school, I was a secretary in various clubs and in university, I have served as a delegate in my program’s department. I am also the class representative,” he says.

Joshua looks up to Kathy, Moja Tu’s founder and president, for inspiration. As an aspiring leader himself, he really appreciates Kathy’s open-door policy. “It is reassuring to know that I can reach out to Kathy at any given time for advice,” he says.

He also appreciates the huge role that his sponsors, Laura and Todd, have played in his life and refers to them as his ‘guardian angels.’

“Through Moja Tu, I have also met new people and made friends who have turned to into my family. I am more confident in my pursuit of my dreams because I know there are people holding me up. It is heartening to know that I am not alone and that I have a multitude cheering me on,” he finishes.