Moja Tu

Meet Josephine: A Girl’s Potential!

Investing in a girl’s education transforms communities, countries, and the entire world.  Educating girls contributes to more stable, resilient societies that give all people the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Meet Josephine, a form four graduate from Mary Leakey Girls High school. Growing up, access to a quality education was not something that she was promised. However, Josephine knew changing her family’s situation would require her to finish her education. Having scored an outstanding 391 marks in her KCPE, she knew she had what it took to do well in high school and beyond, and eventually help her family break the cycle of poverty. Unfortunately, it seemed that she would never make it to high school. Her mother was not able to raise the necessary funds to pay her school fees. Josephine’s dreams of finishing her education seemed unreachable.

Thanks to Moja Tu, she was able to get a sponsorship that enabled her to continue on to secondary school. Over the past four years, we have supported Josephine through her high school career. At the end of 2019, Josephine graduated from high school with a B- average on her KCSE, which guarantees her a spot at a university later this year. We recently caught up with Josephine to see how she was feeling after this major accomplishment. Here’s what she had to say…

“It has been a tough journey through high school, but I am grateful that I made it. I am so proud of what I have been able to accomplish so far, and I’m looking forward to soaring to even greater heights in university.

High school was different from primary school in many ways. It required me to be more responsible. The pressure of my studies always kept me focused. My best subjects in school were history and Kiswahili. Now that I have finished high school, I would like to study law in university. The main reason why I would like to be a lawyer is because I would like to champion for the rights of the vulnerable and oppressed in society. I want to be their voice.

When I look back on my life before joining Moja Tu, I remember that things were hard. My education and future were in jeopardy. When Moja Tu came into my life, things immediately became easier. I felt like I could hope for a better future and reach for my goals without fear of falling. I would like to thank the entire Moja Tu organization and especially my sponsor for nurturing me and transforming me into a responsible young woman. Thank you Moja Tu.”