Moja Tu

Meet Joseph!

Joseph’s family situation is truly dire. The already impoverished family took another hard blow when Joseph’s father passed away at the beginning of 2018. The community rallied around the little family, and a church elder took them in to help them get back on their feet. Joseph, his mother, and his older brother are now doing their best to work through this tragedy. Though he is still reeling from the loss of his father, Joseph still managed to make good grades at the end of the first term of this year. He came highly recommended to our program by his teachers, who described him as a hard-working young boy with a lot of potential.

Though it is hard for him to see a way out of the situation he is currently in, Joseph holds onto his dream of becoming a neurosurgeon tightly. He does not take the opportunity to go to school lightly, having watched his older brother struggle to find a scholarship to help him stay in school as well. Now that his brother has found a way to secure his education, Joseph is looking for the same thing. Joseph believes that together, he and his brother can use their education to pull themselves and their mother out of poverty.

Joseph is very optimistic that he will be able to continue to pursue his studies with the help of a sponsor. He values education above all else and is committed to putting in the effort to secure his and his family’s future. Help lift Joseph’s spirits by sponsoring him today!

Sponsoring Joseph’s education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!