Moja Tu

Meet John

John joined our program back in 2018 as part of his high school transition. Since then, John has been earning good grades and working hard towards achieving his dream of joining University. John was originally recommended to us by important contacts in his primary school and village, who spoke of a boy in desperate need of help to finish school with a lot of potential to change the course of his future, and improve the lives of those around him as well.

John’s school and community leader’s glowing praise were quickly validated during our first interview with him. At the interview, he spoke of his dream of helping his community with much passion and enthusiasm. John continues to amaze us with his dedication to his schooling and his unfailing kindness and positive attitude. We are very excited to have John in our program, and even more excited to see what kind of future he builds for himself.

He performed well in high school and earned a B- and just graduated in May. As part of this transition, we're looking for a new sponsor to help support him in this next chapter of his education. He's looking to join University and a four-year program this September to pursue a career in law.

He has been a disciplined and hard working student throughout his years with our program. He's dedicated and has great academic potential if given an opportunity to continue his studies.

Will you consider being John's sponsor and helping make his dreams of pursuing his dreams in law a reality?

Sponsoring a University student is $2,100 a year, or $175 per month. This amount will cover the student's tuition fees, monthly upkeep, accommodation and medical care.

Kathy Kempff