Moja Tu

Meet John

John is a 14-year-old boy attending Marura Primary school, Laikipia County. He was referred to us by both his school and community spiritual leader. First, John’s school told us that he was a bright, deserving student, who scored an impressive 382/500 points on his term 1 exams and had no way to pay for his education come 2018. Then, John’s community leader (who did not know that the school had already referred to us) described him as young man devoted to his community, who had already become a Sunday school teacher despite his young age.

John’s school and community leader’s glowing praise were quickly validated during our first interview with him. At the interview, he spoke of his dream of becoming a doctor with much passion and enthusiasm. When we asked him why he really wanted to be a doctor, he said that he lost one of his friends at an early age due to lack of proper medication, and he wanted to make sure that never happens again in his home.

A home validation brought us face-to-face with the harsh reality of John’s every day life. His mother is single and physically disabled, meaning she is unable to take most jobs that pop up in their area. This has strained her ability to feed her three kids, of which John is the eldest. John knows that the best way he can help his mother is to get his education, and he is desperate to continue his schooling.

John will need financial help with paying for his secondary school fees, buying school supplies, and purchasing personal utilities. He also needs the support and encouragement of a sponsor to help him through his remaining school years. Help John achieve his goal of a good education by sponsoring him today!