Moja Tu

Meet Jedidah! Rewriting her life’s story

The saying, “The past is our heritage, the present is a gift and tomorrow is our responsibility,” aptly captures Jedidah Nyambura’s story. Not one to shy away from her past, she reminisces of the days long gone when her education hung in the balance.

The past…

I hail from Laikipia County. After finishing my primary school education, I lost hope in ever pursuing high school education let alone tertiary education due to the financial situation back home. I was also not the dreamer I am today because there was nothing really to look forward to,” she says.

In 2017, Jedidah got to meet the Moja Tu family and this marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship that saw her hopes of proceeding with her education reignited.

The present…

Not only did Moja Tu reignite my hopes but they also stood by their word. I am currently a form two student at Graceland Senior School. Now, I am assured of completing my studies and the journey is worthwhile because the organization is by my side,” Jedidah avers.

Besides academics, Jedidah has benefitted from the mentorship that our students get and for her, the one thing that has stood out is how confident she has grown. She also admits that her communication skills were wanting when she initially joined the program but she can now communicate her thoughts well.

The future…

We ask Jedidah where she sees herself in five years. Her response?

I would like to eventually become a surgeon. I feel this would give me the opportunity to take care of the sick and in the process give back to my community just as Moja Tu has done with me. My community back home grapples with poor healthcare and so this is one area that I would like to improve on in the near future,” she says.

She understands the important role that education will play in helping her actualize this dream. “I would like to use the knowledge I gain in school to bring positive change in my community. I also understand that I need to be the change I would like to see in others. I am thus committed to being the best version of myself in every aspect of my life,” she explains.

While the past should remain in the past, Jedidah can’t help but wonder how life would have been had she not met her sponsors Kathy and Michael. “I probably would never have stepped in a secondary school let alone be able to dream big about life,” she reflects and adds that she is grateful to the couple for stepping in and rewriting her story for the better.

We are so proud of Jedidah and we have no doubt in our minds that she will achieve her dreams. Keep going, girl!