Moja Tu

Meet Jane!

Jane sang her way into the Moja Tu program – literally! When we asked what her talent was, she didn’t hesitate to mention singing. To prove her point, she sang her favorite song, much to the delight of the panelists, who loved seeing her confident nature and listening to her beautiful voice.

It wasn’t just Jane’s voice that wowed us. We were also amazed by her intelligence, confidence, and clear vision of her future as a musician and teacher. Jane, who hails from Naivasha, earned 336 marks out of a possible 500 exams on her end of term 1 exams, putting her grades at a solid B average. Her father is a butcher in the slums while her mother works at a local café as a janitor. Their financial situation is so dire that Jane’s older siblings have already had to drop out of high school. Jane knows that the same fate awaits her if she doesn’t find a sponsor.

Jane is confident, intelligent, and hard-working. To see her talents wasted would be such a shame. Become Jane’s sponsor today – to hear that she has been sponsored would be music to her ears!

Sponsoring Jane’s education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!