Moja Tu

Meet Jairus

A few words to describe Jairus include intelligent, determined and talented. However, these do not convey the full extent of just how special he is. Though his family lives in extremely impoverished conditions, Jairus is at the very top of his class. He consistently earned 400 marks or more out of 500 total points throughout his primary schooling. He was able to maintain this outstanding performance through his sheer determination and intelligence

Now in high school, Jairus continues to score high marks. He got a spot at a national school and through the help of a sponsor, he has settled in school. Barely a two years ago, Jairus risked dropping out of school. It would have been a shame to see his intelligence and hard work go to waste – and Jairus had already seen this happen to his older sister.

Though his sister also did extremely well in primary school and on her KCPE, she had to settle for attending a lower cost school, as their father was unable to afford the fees associated with going to a better school. Low-cost schools in Kenya are understaffed and underserved making it nearly impossible for students to perform well in the long run. In effect, this school greatly diminished her chances of proceeding to higher education. For Jairus, no matter how well he performed in primary school, even a lower-cost school was not be an option. Since his sister was still in school and their father was already struggling with her fees, there was no guarantee that Jairus would be able to continue on to secondary school himself without outside help.

Jairus is banking on getting his education to end the cycle of poverty his family is stuck in. He has a bright mind and big dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon. Thank you for not letting their impoverished situation limit Jairus’s potential.

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