Moja Tu

Meet Ian

Throughout his time in primary school, Ian looked up to and was inspired by his teachers the most. He loved how knowledgeable his teachers seemed to be about every subject under the sun, and how they patiently guided Ian and his classmates through their learning. Ian’s interactions with his teachers have inspired him to become a teacher himself in the future. But first, he has to make it through high school.

Coming from an impoverished background, Ian understands that there are quite a number of obstacles he has to overcome if he is to accomplish his vision. Before his parents went their separate ways, Ian and his siblings experienced ongoing domestic abuse. With no one to look after him, Ian dropped out of school and was on the brink of living alone on the streets.

Fortunately, he was rescued by the children’s department and placed at one of Moja Tu’s partner children’s homes, Sons of Manaseh. Here, he gained a new family, people who were genuinely concerned about his welfare and wanted the best for him. He enrolled in school and quickly picked up where he left off.

After taking his Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams in March and earning a good result, we agreed to help Ian continue on to high school. He’s now one step closer to achieving his dreams! Consider sponsoring Ian today; the world could always use another teacher!