Moja Tu

Meet Gloria

Gloria is a brilliant and outspoken young girl from Makueni area. She recently sat for her primary exit examinations and scored a strong B grade. This is despite the challenges she has gone through.

Her mother left her and her brother when they were very young. Her father has struggled to raise the two and often time, young Gloria had to act as a mother to her younger brother. No wonder then she harbors a desire to one day be financially stable so as to educate her brother.

Her father is a preacher and since churches were closed down to curb spread of COVID-19, he has been out of work. Now, he does manual labor to enable him feed his children. As such, he usually doesn’t have any money left to pay for his children’s school fees.

Gloria will soon be joining high school and her father is no position to meet the costs associated with secondary school. And it saddens him so much as he himself had to drop out of school due to school fees issues. It pains him that his child might suffer the same fate.

A talented singer and actor, Gloria has shown that she has potential to succeed in life. She was an active member of her school’s drama club that competed up to the national levels. At home, she is in charge of Sunday school.

A bright and eager student, Gloria truly deserves sponsorship, which will open doors for her to change her future, her families’, and community.

Lily Ronoh