Moja Tu

Meet Gladys

At 13 years old, Gladys watched as her older siblings have ended up as day laborers. Her father abandoned the family when she was little, leaving Gladys to be raised by her mother. They live in a very tiny house in a rural village in the Tawa area. At school, she has been named the most improved student of the year and has maintained good grades. Gladys says she wants to buy her mother a nice house someday and only see her working on their farm. It breaks her heart when she sees her mother off to ask their neighbors for work each morning. Over the weekends, Gladys helps her mother with cleaning jobs to bring in more money for the two of them.

Gladys knows the value of hard work. She has already seen her work pay off in higher grades, and she craves even more success. She has been with the program since 2017 and has always been a hard working dedicated student. She performed well in high school and just graduated in May. As part of this transition, we're looking for a new sponsor to help support her in this next chapter of her education. She's looking to join University and a 4 year program this September to pursue a career in tourism and hospitality.

She has been a disciplined and hard working student throughout her years with our program. She's dedicated and has great academic potential if given an opportunity to continue her studies.

Will you consider being Gladys's sponsor and helping make her dreams of pursuing her dreams in the tourism and hospitality field a reality?

Sponsoring a University student is $2,100 a year, or $175 per month. This amount will cover the student's tuition fees, monthly upkeep, accommodation and medical care.

Kathy Kempff