Moja Tu

Meet Gerald!

The 10th child in a poor farming family of 11 kids, Gerald fully understands the need to work hard in school, as his older siblings have been unable to break the cycle of poverty due to a lack of education. His desire to help his family enabled him to attain a very good score that would have seen him gain acceptance into a high-ranking secondary school in Kenya. However, his parents could not afford to send him on their own; when we first met Gerald, he had been attending a day school in his village for the past year, where he was able to at least continue his education.

Despite these adverse circumstances, Gerald worked hard and continued keep up his impressive performance throughout his first year of high school. Though he was constantly sent home from school due to unpaid school fees, he worked very hard to ensure he was caught up with the other students, and relied on his peers for class notes and explanations of difficult topics when he had to miss class. Gerald is a very disciplined young man whose strong belief that he is chosen to pull his entire family out of poverty has driven him to greater heights.

After joining Moja Tu in early 2017, he has come farther than he ever thought possible. Gerald is now a high school graduate, having finished his high school career at the end of 2019. His performance on the KCSE exams has earned him a spot at a good university in Kenya, where Gerald will be able to continue pursuing his dreams of opening his own business in the future. However, to see these dreams fully realized, Gerald will need the support of a sponsor to help him through his university years. Can you help Gerald go the distance? Sponsor him today!

Sponsoring Gerald’s university education is $2,100/year, or $175/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!