Moja Tu

Meet George

George lives with his single mother and two other siblings. Based on his strength of character, one might believe that his life was perfect. However, George and his family have gone through their fair share of struggles. George’s mother is a day laborer, and often struggles to simply provide food, clothing, and shelter for her three children, let alone send them to school. “My mother struggles to make ends meet. It’s going to be even more difficult when I join secondary school. My education and that of my siblings are in jeopardy. But if I am sponsored, she will manage to pay for my brother and sister,” George told us.

George aspires to be a lawyer, and is already demonstrating many qualities that every lawyer should have. For instance, he is a very trustworthy person; so much so, in fact, that his primary school put him in charge of opening and closing classes each day, even entrusting him with a key to lock and unlock classes. His diligence was also revealed through this task, as he arrives early to school and stays late each day in order to open and close classes.

In addition to being trustworthy and diligent, George is also a disciplined, dedicated student. This past year, he earned 370/500 marks, easily making him the best student in his school. If all these wonderful traits weren’t enough, George is also very compassionate. He hopes to become a lawyer to protect the rights of disabled individuals in society.

Once he has finished his education, George wants to help his family and as many others in his community as possible with escaping their impoverished situations. But first, he has to get through his schooling. Your sponsorship of George will provide him with all the required materials he needs to succeed in school, such as textbooks, extra study materials, a school uniform, and other personal effects. He will also receive the benefit of extra tutoring during every school break and the knowledge that someone out there cares for him and wants him to succeed. Thank you for sponsoring George!

Sponsoring George's secondary education is $85/month. Thank you for sponsoring Just One!