Moja Tu

Meet Florence

At fourteen years old, Florence has watched her friends be married off, knowing that she would be soon, as well. Her marriage also would have been a status symbol to her father, who has three wives in total. He helps the family survive by moving from one area to another in search of pastures for his livestock; thus, he is rarely home to assist with daily needs, such as preparing meals, making clothing, and providing education for his family.

While her father and the clan at large retain control over major decisions, like marriages for the children and when to move, Florence’s mother is in charge of the daily tasks of the family. Therefore, she has been taking steps to safeguard her daughter from an early marriage. One way to do so is to send Florence to school to ensure that she benefits from an education. Florence’s mother did not finish school herself, as she became a mother at 12 years old. She has continued to look for help for her children to keep going to school, but there is only so much she can do to protect them. She was therefore very happy to assist us with processing the required paperwork for her daughter to be sent to live at Dream Children’s Home, where she can continue her schooling without worrying about circumcision or early marriage.

Florence enjoys skipping rope and telling stories to her friends. She also likes to cook and help around the house. Her passion for cooking was sparked from an occasion when she visited a family in a nearby town and felt the food was different from what she was used to at home. During her two weeks stay with this family, she learned how to prepare simple, tasty dishes, and since then has always helped her mother with the cooking back home.

Florence dreams of becoming an engineer one day. She once witnessed some female engineers help to setting up a power line near her village, and she admired how strong and beautiful they looked. This inspired her to one day have a unique skill that she can use to help others. She also hopes that one day she will be able to put up a roof over her mother and siblings’ heads. Her desire is to see her family live well.

We hope for the best for Florence. With help of a sponsor, she will definitely have a bright future. Help Florence get the education she needs by becoming her Just One today!