Moja Tu

Meet Faith!

Faith comes from a very needy family situation. Her parents work as day laborers in Makueni, and her father’s brain health appears to be deteriorating. It may be that only her mother will be able to provide for the family in the near future. Despite these challenges, Faith keeps her head up and works hard to be her very best. She was blessed with a brilliant mind that she has put to good use – last term, she earned 391 out of 500 marks, easily putting her average at an A and Faith herself at the top of her class.

Currently, Faith’s goal is to do well on the upcoming Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations so that she can earn a spot at a good high school. While she is handling the academic part beautifully, Faith knows in the back of her mind that her parent’s will not be able to afford the high cost associated with going to secondary school. However, Faith is not letting this fact dampen her dreams. She keeps stays focused on her classes and maintains hope that someone will help her continue her studies into high school.

Faith knows that getting her education is the best way for her to help pull her family out of poverty and improve her community at large. She is searching for someone who can help her achieve her lofty goals.