Moja Tu

Meet Faith!

Smart, outspoken and confident are just a few adjectives you could use to describe Faith. Upon interacting with her, you will also realize that she has strong leadership capabilities, something that she is aware of and uses to her advantage. Faith never shies away from standing out in a group. She is unapologetic about who she is, and we are blown away by her big personality.

Her spirited nature easily overshadows the challenges she faces in her pursuit of education. Both her parents are day laborers: her father is a construction worker and when construction work is sparse, he shifts to other menial jobs to sustain the family. Her mother, on the other hand, works in people’s homes as a maid. Between their salaries, the family hardly has enough to make ends meet, let alone pay for the children’s education.

Luckily for Faith, her intelligence, determination, and optimism have kept her from losing hope in her future, and she has always worked hard to make good grades in school. Last term, she scored 356 marks out of 500, putting her average at a solid B+. Faith knows that getting her education is her and her family’s ticket out of poverty, so she never takes the opportunity to go to school for granted.

Faith believes that her struggle with paying for high school will soon come to an end, and that she will be able to continue her studies in uninterrupted peace.