Moja Tu

Meet Evaline!

Evaline lives with her single mother and older siblings in a mud-walled, three-room house in Laikipia county. Her elder siblings work as day laborers in the nearby marketplace. Her mother is well known for rallying the women of their tiny village together whenever there is an opportunity for civil education. Her mother’s leadership qualities seem to have rubbed off on Evaline, who, as the class prefect, is an excellent leader in her own right.

Academically, Evaline proved she was a cut above her classmates when she earned the top spot amongst her classmates at the end of term 1 after getting an easy A average on her final exams. Evaline’s teachers gave her a high recommendation as an excellent student and great leader. Evaline hopes to be a lawyer in the future, and if her leadership skills are anything to go by, she has the right personality to match the profession.

Her mother desperately wants to see Evaline prosper, but she can only get her so far without the necessary funds to pay for Evaline’s secondary school fees. Evaline understands the dire financial situation her family is in, and is looking for someone to help her continue her education and eventually become a lawyer.