Moja Tu

Meet Eunice

Eunice graduated from secondary school three years ago, but was not able to afford the school fees to continue on to university right away. This was not the end of Eunice’s dream of earning a good education, however. She moved from relative to relative after high school, trying to find a way to continue on to higher education. She stayed with her sister, who married very young, at one point, and with another relative who sold nuts to make ends meet. All the while, Eunice was carefully saving her money and dreaming of the day she would finally be able to go to university.

That day finally came in January 2019, when Eunice enrolled at Kenyatta University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Education Arts. While Eunice has finally made it to where she hoped to be, it’s still not how she would like it. Eunice has had to sustain her stay at school by continuing to work long hours. She also often sells nuts to her fellow students to ensure that all her fees are paid. These long working hours have had a negative effect on Eunice’s classes; she needs help to pay her school fees so she can put her focus solely into her studies.

Eunice is a determine young women who is proud to say that she was able to maintain her dream of continuing school. She is well-spoken, disciplined, and confident, and ready to put her best work into her studies in order to create a better future for herself. Help Eunice achieve her dream of a better life by sponsoring her university education!