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Meet Eunice – Recycles wine bottles into flower vases

Building her business empire from the ground

Eunice, a third-year student at Kenyatta University, started her business in April of 2020. After schools were closed due to the pandemic, she decided to take the opportunity to actively make some money. One of Eunice’s hobbies is crocheting, and she wanted to figure out a way to use up the surplus fabric in a creative way. It was in the process that she came up with the idea of recycling wine bottles into flower vases.

I use the leftover threads from my crocheting to cover empty wine bottles. I use different colored threads, flowers, and buttons on the side of the vase to make each one unique and elegant,” she explains.

Effie sells her vases at Ksh1,250 ($12.50). She markets her vases via social media platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp. So far, she has sold six vases. Eunice says that the business is not only fulfilling, but she also gets to earn a little money that goes straight into her savings.

During this difficult time, my silver lining has been this opportunity to solidify my talent in making vases. I think everyone should try to devote time to a hobby or talent. Who knows, it could turn into a lucrative business opportunity!”

Like other businesses, she has had her fair share of challenges. “During this COVID-19 period, many people’s businesses and livelihoods have been affected. It’s quite a task to convince someone to buy vases when they are already struggling to make ends meet. Be that as it may be, I don’t give up and being relentless earns me a client or two a month,” she says, adding that the business is teaching her crucial lessons such as patience and marketing.

I am an entrepreneur at heart and I know this is just the beginning. I will use the lessons from this business venture to run my empire when the time comes,” she says emphatically, revealing that she is looking at expanding into other businesses especially one that deals with fast moving goods. Good luck in your business venture, Eunice!

Lily Ronoh