Moja Tu

Meet Esther: Taking on the World

Esther is a fourth-year student at Kenyatta University, where she is finishing up a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance. Over the years, we have watched Esther blossom into a confident young woman ready to take on the world. Not only does Esther serves as a great example of what girls around the world can do if given access to education – she is also a great role model to the younger girls in our program. We recently caught up with this special young woman to see how she was feeling as she nears graduation:

“Looking back, I am amazed at how far I have come. I never imagined that I would one day be the person I am today. A few years ago, I hit rock bottom and had lost all hope of continuing my education. I had just finished my form four studies and had earned grades high enough to take me to a good university but there was a problem: I did not have the means to pay for my university education. Then the Moja Tu sponsors came to visit our home, and when they heard my story, they offered to pay for my university fees.

It has now been four years since I joined university and I owe the success I have achieved so far to Moja Tu and my sponsor Teri. Aside from normal classes, Moja Tu has supported me in taking professional accounting classes that will help give me and edge in the job market. I also hold a position as a team lead in Moja Tu. As a team lead, I am part of several committees and play many roles within the organization. For the marketing committee, I help with generating and editing online content. I am also part of the sponsorship interview panel, in which I help recruit and advise the board about potential candidates eager to join Moja Tu. I also do a lot of close work with the students, acting as tutor for the younger students during the term break and as a mentor that they can seek guidance from.

I am now very optimistic about my future and do believe that great things lie ahead for me. With the assurance of academic excellence, now I have hope of achieving my dream of becoming an accountant. I am very grateful to my sponsor Teri for supporting me in my education and being such a great source of encouragement and inspiration. I am who I am today because of you. Thank you Moja Tu!”