Moja Tu

Meet Esther!

Over the course of her life, Esther has watched her parents, who are day laborers, struggle to educate her siblings. Their greatest achievement was being able to send her brother to a nearby day school – however, even this did not last, as he had to drop out of school due to outstanding fees. Esther harbors a dream of becoming a neurosurgeon in the future, and she knows she will have to keep up her grades in order to keep her dream alive.

Esther always aims to score at least 350 out of 500 marks in each exam. She came close to achieving this goal at the end of term 1, earning 330 marks total. However, Esther tells us she was not satisfied with this grade and has doubled down in her efforts to meet her goal. She also aspires to maintain good relationships with her teachers, who all speak very highly of her strong academic performance and disciplined nature.

If she manages to secure sponsorship, she will be the first person in her immediate and extended family to attend high school, an incredible feat in and of itself. The thought that she may not be able to proceed to secondary school casts a dark shadow to her otherwise bright future. It’s almost certain that without a sponsor, her dreams to pursue education will be just that – a dream. Don’t let this happen to Esther; sponsor her today!

Sponsoring Esther’s education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!