Moja Tu

Meet Elizabeth: Opportunities, Endeavors, and Milestones!

Access to quality education is a fundamental right that every child should enjoy. When we educate our younger generations, we secure the future of the world. For Elizabeth, things were difficult once she joined high school. At first, her brother had to drop out of school so that her mother could afford sending her to high school. Luckily, Moja Tu stepped in to cover Elizabeth’s school fees. Over the past five years, we have walked with Elizabeth through her academic journey. She has always remained hardworking and focused on her goals, and this attitude paid off once it came time to take the KCSE. Elizabeth managed to earn a B- average, securing her a spot at a good university; she will be making the transition to this next step in her education later this year. We are so excited about the new opportunities and endeavors that are ahead of her. We recently caught up with Elizabeth to find learn more about her future plans; here’s what she had to say…

“Graduating from high school is one of the most important milestones I achieved in the last decade. When I look back on where my journey with Moja Tu began, I feel grateful that someone believed in me. The support I have gotten from my sponsor and Moja Tu is the reason I was able to clear high school without any hiccups. With Moja Tu’s help I have never been worried about being sent away from school because of overdue school fees. All along I knew that I had to work hard to make my family, my sponsor, and myself proud and to achieve my dreams. When I join university later this year, I would like to study law. I would like to advocate for the rights of the voiceless as a lawyer.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Moja Tu organization for its commitment to changing lives. I send my special thanks to my sponsors Jill and Greg for standing with me through my academic journey. Here’s to many more years as a Moja Tu student!”