Moja Tu

Meet Elijah: Eyes on the Prize!

The surest way to secure the future is by preparing for it, and the best way to prepare is to earn an education. Education restores hope: one of the greatest factors in reducing global poverty rates is education. By supporting our students’ educations, we can help prepare them to compete in the job market and reach their personal and professional goals. One notable student benefitting from the Moja Tu program is Elijah.

It has been exactly four years since Elijah joined Moja Tu as a form 1 student. Last year, Elijah graduated from high school at the top of his class; he was one of the highest scoring KCSE candidates of the 2019 class! Enthusiastic about his goals and hopeful of a better future, Elijah’s eyes are on the prize. We recently caught up with him to learn more about his experience as a Moja Tu student; here’s what he had to say…

“Life before I was sponsored was hopeless and empty. I had just completed my primary education, but instead of being happy for the accomplishment I was so worried. I had no idea about what life had in store for me; I knew that the children’s home I lived at wouldn’t be able to pay my school fees for high school, and I wasn’t sure what would come next. Despite my fears, I did not give up. I kept my chin up, hoping beyond hope that the light at the end of the tunnel was the torch of a rescuer and not a train about to crash into me. The turning point of my life was when Moja Tu accepted me into its scholarship program. This meant that my dream of going to secondary school was finally going to become a reality.

Life through high school was not always easy. High school classes brought their own challenges, on top of the ones that come with growing up. Remaining consistent and focused helped me to fight my way through to reach my goal of graduation.

In high school, my best subjects were chemistry and biology. Excelling in these subjects has well-prepared me for working towards my ultimate career goal of becoming a doctor. I would like to improve the quality of healthcare facilities in my community. I would also like to build a society where access to quality healthcare is a right for everyone

I would like to thank the entire Moja Tu family for standing with me through my high school studies, and especially my sponsor Miranda. She has shown me real love by sponsoring my education for the last 3 years. I promise to keep working hard as I transition to university later this year. Thank you Moja Tu.”