Moja Tu

Meet Edwin!

Edwin is a brilliant student whose performance speaks for itself. He has consistently held the top spot in his class with a solid A average. He has also been a prefect in his school for several years, and many of the younger students look up to him as a great role model. With these scores and his leadership experience, there is no doubt that Edwin will be among the top performers in the country on this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations. His bright future, however, has been diminished by the possibility that he might have to drop out of high school if financial help does not come his way.

Edwin lives in a single roomed house with his parents. His father, however, is usually absent, looking for day jobs to help sustain the family. His older siblings are also day laborers, leaving just Edwin and his mother to keep the home running. Edwin came highly recommended by the area chief, who also recommended him to a nearby private high school. The high school was so impressed with his performance, they reserved a spot for Edwin if he is able to find a way to pay for it.

Edwin is a model student who deserves a chance to continue his studies uninterrupted. As a Moja Tu student, he will be able to continue his education in peace, as well as develop all the great leadership qualities he already possesses. Help Edwin become the man he is meant to be by sponsoring him today!

Sponsoring Edwin’s education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!