Moja Tu

Meet David

David was raised by his father who had very limited financial means. He has thrived amidst poverty and attained good grades to get into high school. We are very happy about David’s progress who we enrolled into the program a few years ago just after he had completed his primary school and was awaiting admission into high school.

At the time, David had given up hope of ever proceeding to secondary school as the situation at their home was dire. Be that as it may be, David never lost sight of the bigger picture and knowing that his family’s ticket out of poverty was through him, he worked hard at school in the hope that a well-wisher will appreciate his diligence by sponsoring his education.

Luckily for him, Moja Tu came to know of his plight and he was thus enlisted into the program, which saw him through his high school studies.

David graduated high school in 2018 with top grades that saw him secure a place at a Kenyan university where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health.

David is secured a sponsorship, which has also come with motivation in the form of a sponsor who encourages him to perform even better. Thank you for sponsoring just one.

Joy Katanu