Moja Tu

Meet David

David is an only child and grew up under the care of his aging grandfather. His father, who was an alcoholic, was unable to provide for David as he was growing up; David mostly had to rely on the goodwill of his neighbors and his primary school principal, who helped ensure that he finished his primary education. Unfortunately, there was nothing his principal could do help ensure that David remained in school after his primary days were over. It was just as he was about to drop out of school altogether that we met David; since then, we have been sure to provide him with everything he needed to grow up in a stable environment and excel in high school.

And excel he did! After four years of hard work, David graduated high school at the end of 2019 as one of the highest scoring students in his class and in the Moja Tu program overall. He earned a B- average, a score which guarantees David a seat at a good university later this year. He is now enrolled in computer classes to help hone his technological skills, but David is looking forward to starting his real classes in school, where he hopes to study law.

We are so proud of how far David has come in his four years with Moja Tu, and we can’t wait to see him move up to the next level! David’s big smile is the result of four years of hard work, and he knows that the best years of his life are just around the corner. Can you help David finish his education? Sponsor him today!

Sponsoring David’s university education is $175/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!