Moja Tu

Meet Cyril!

Cyril’s single mother works as a cleaner at a neighbor’s home. Needless to say, her wages are meager and the family finds it difficult to put enough food on the table, let alone pay for Cyril and her sister’s school fees. Luckily, their neighbor is always kind enough to pass down her children’s clothing, which the family never takes for granted.

Despite the challenges at home, Cyril has still managed to maintain a good academic standing. Last term, she managed a remarkable score of 345 marks out of a possible 500, putting her average score at a solid B+. Cyril is also determined to achieve her goal of becoming a journalist, and is eager to explain her career goals to anyone interested in listening. We are so happy to see that though she comes from a truly desperate situation, Cyril has not given up hope.

Though she has had limited exposure and opportunities, Cyril already has an idea of who she wants to be and how she wants to contribute to society. We believe that she has so much to offer, but she can only realize her full potential if she is given a helping hand.