Moja Tu

Meet Cynthia

Cynthia is a form one student at Mugoiri Girls High School. Her mother is a day laborer in Muranga. Consistent work is hard to come by, especially now due to the pandemic. Cynthia’s mother also looks after her grandmother, who is unwell. All of these factors have forced Cynthia to put her education on the backburner as she tries to help her family get by.

In spite of these issues, Cynthia is a high-performing student at her high school. This past term, she scored a mean grade of a B. Considering that Cynthia is often forced to miss class to help her family, this is quite an impressive feat.

Cynthia is passionate about helping others and being an agent of change in her community. She participates in community service opportunities such as cleaning hospitals, markets and her church.

This brilliant young girl understands that education is the key to unlock the chains of poverty that has bound her family for years. As her sponsor, your support will pave the way for her future goals, which include lifting her family out of poverty and giving back to her community. Help Cynthia stay in school by sponsoring her today!