Moja Tu

Meet Cornelius!

Cornelius hails from Naivasha in Nakuru county, where he lives with his single mother who works as a day laborer in the nearby flower farms. Her pay is meager and barely enough to keep a roof over her family’s head. A huge chunk of her income is eaten up by rent, so large that there is nothing to leave for extra expenses such as electricity, let alone Cornelius’s school fees. With no reliable source of light, Cornelius finds it quite a challenge to do his homework at home. To work around this, he often stays behind after school to ensure he completes his assignments before heading home.

While it is extra work for him, Cornelius’s commitment to his academics has paid off in high grades. At his end of term one, he scored 340 marks out of a possible 500, putting him at a solid B+ average. Cornelius is also a confident leader; he has been a prefect of his school since beginning his primary education, and he was also elected speaker for the student government in his zone, representing the student bodies of 21 different schools.

While Cornelius has learned to navigate the challenges life throws at him, he’s now facing a challenge that is totally beyond him: a way to pay for secondary school. He know that his mother will not be able to pay for his secondary education, so his only hope is for outside help. He hopes to complete his secondary education and move on to studying computer engineering at a good university so he can improve his and his beloved mother’s lives. Help Cornelius pursue his dream by sponsoring his education today!

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