Moja Tu

Meet Bridget: Actualizing Her Dreams!

Through her years of schooling as a Moja Tu student, Bridget has learned that consistency is key. You will never fail if you continue to show up with intention and focus. It was with this attitude that Bridget was able to join Kisii University in September to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science.

The road to university wasn’t easy: after completing her KCPE, Bridget secured a position at a good high school with the help of her neighbors. However, they were not able to continue helping after the first 2 terms of form 1, and Bridget was sure she would have to miss the final term of the year. Her future was in doubt when Moja Tu came to the rescue. Since joining the program, Bridget has consistently scored high grades and impressed everyone with her intelligence and hardworking nature. Five years down the line, we have watched her grow and excel in her studies and into a capable young woman, ready to transform the world with her education. Here’s what Bridget had to say about her time in Moja Tu:

“When I look back on where I was five years ago, before I met Moja Tu, I did not have much hope in life. My secondary education was on the verge of coming to an end. My dream of ever making it to the university seemed unrealistic at that time.

My academic journey with Moja Tu has been a wonderful experience. I have never been sent away from school for unpaid school fees and have I never wanted for any supplies that I needed. Education does not only expand one’s knowledge, but it also exposes one to many opportunities in life. My goal is to ensure that I complete my studies and build my career as an actuary. With my education, I hope to improve my life, my family’s life, and my community at large by supporting those in need, especially through supporting academic  programs like Moja Tu.

With the support system that I have found through Moja Tu, I am bound to succeed. My sponsors Lisa and Craig have always given me guidance and advice, and I would like to sincerely thank them for sharing their generosity with me. Their belief in me has given me the strength to keep going. I will always work hard to make my dreams and theirs come true.”