Moja Tu

Meet Brian

Brian aspires to be an architect in the future, an aspiration that stems from the need to help not only his family, but society at large as well. Brian’s parents are both day laborers, and the family of six depends entirely on their meager income. He explains that a huge chunk of his parents’ pay goes toward feeding the family, and there are days they are often have to go to bed hungry when work is hard to come by. The family also lives in a rented house, which they pay for monthly.

In this desperate situation, Brian and his sibling’s education must come second to simply getting enough to eat in a day. They are often forced to stay home due to outstanding school fees. But be this as may be, Brian always works hard in school, and has been earning over 300 marks on his examinations. These are excellent marks for a student who often misses class, and show that Brian is committed to doing well in school and has the potential to do so much better without disruptions. He wants to go to a good high school that will enable him to proceed to university for his dream career.

Brian is an active member of his local church, the Kenya Assembly of God, where he is a youth leader and very passionate about educating others on the issue of drug abuse. On the weekends, you are likely to find him tending to the church’s garden. Brian is looking for someone to sponsor his secondary education and to act as a mentor him. He is hopeful that his dreams for the future will come true. Help Brian achieve those dreams by sponsoring him today!

Sponsoring Brian's secondary education is $85/month. Thank you for sponsoring Just One!