Moja Tu

Meet Brian!

When you first meet Brian, two things stand out: one is that he is very outspoken and confident, and the other is that he is a true leader. This Naivasha-born candidate is meant to go very far in life!

Brian lives in a single room with his mother and younger brother. Their electricity was disconnected months ago, so Brian works hard after school to complete his homework before the sun sets. He also has to look after his younger brother during the night, since his mother works the night shift at a nearby flower farm, leaving the two boys alone all night long.

Considering the challenges at home, it’s amazing that Brian still manages to maintain a good academic standing at school. Last term, he earned 323 out of 500 points, making him an above-average student. When asked what he wants to be in future, Brian does not hesitate to talk about his goal of becoming an accountant. He is an excellent mathematician, so he is well-equipped for the demands of this job.

While Brian is sure about where he wants to go in his life, he is not sure about how to get there. His mother’s job, while steadier than most, still barely allows them to make ends meet at home, let alone pay for Brian’s school fees. The very thing that he hopes to work with in the future – money – is what is currently standing between him and accomplishing his dreams. Brian is looking for someone to help him achieve his goals and uplift not only his life, but the lives of all those living in his community. Be Brian’s Just One and sponsor him today!

Sponsoring Brian’s education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!