Moja Tu

Meet Benson!

In a perfect world, a fourteen-year old would be occupied with school work and enjoying their teenage years. However, this does not apply to Benson, who unfortunately was thrust into the harsh realities of life when he was very young. When his parents separated, his mother committed suicide and he and his twin sister went live with their father and ailing grandmother. When Benson is not in class learning, you are likely to find him grazing the family’s livestock or working in menial labor jobs in order to supplement his family’s meager income. His father works as a day laborer and his paltry earnings are split between tending to the family’s basic needs and caring for Benson’s grandmother. At the end of the day, there’s nothing leftover to pay for Benson and his sibling’s education.

His teachers describe Benson as a very responsible student who understood at an early age that much is expected from him. He takes his academics very seriously and has led his class as a top student for the past few years. Benson is banking on his high scores to help him find a sponsor to get him through high school.

Although he is quite shy and doesn’t talk much, Benson allows his deeds to shine through and reveal what a great person he is. He is an excellent student who has so much potential – he just needs the chance to concentrate on his studies.