Moja Tu

Meet Beatrice

Beatrice is the second of 7 children to be born to her mother, who is the third wife of a herdsman in their Maasai village. The children rarely see their father, whose work in the fields keeps him away, so their mothers take care of their daily needs, including food and clothing. The family, which numbers 22 in total, including Beatrice’s half-siblings from her father’s other wives, survives on farming their small piece of land and keeping livestock.

In Beatrice’s community, girls are expected to be married off at age 15. As Beatrice is currently thirteen, she would have been married off in a few years’ time, especially since her father does not give much importance to education. She had to be placed in a safe environment to give her a chance to continue going to school. With the assistance of her mother and our contacts with the Maasai tribe, we processed all the paperwork she needs to live at Dream Children’s Home. Staying at the home will put Beatrice in an environment conducive to her education, and allow her to continue going to school without interruption.

Beatrice is currently in class 7, and performing very well in her subjects. She wants to become a lawyer to defend the rights of other girls in her community. She loves having nice things, and she knows that in order to eventually be able to own nice things, she has to work very hard in school to score high marks. Since coming to the children’s home, Beatrice has already come out of her shell and made many friends.

Beatrice enjoys skipping rope and reading interesting novels. She is currently reading Anna the Air Hostess. She loves the character Anna and hopes one day she will be as successful as the Anna described in the book. She enjoys the company of older girls and likes to learn about new subjects and places. Her favorite stories are about people who have traveled to the city. She loves hearing about the huge buildings and many tarmac roads in the big city.

Beatrice has a wonderful future ahead of her, but needs help to realize her dreams. She needs financial support with school fees and supplies, as well as moral support and encouragement. Help Beatrice realize her promising future by sponsoring her today!