Moja Tu

Meet Barbara!

Barbara grew up in Eastlands, a low income settlement in the heart of Nairobi. The area is infamous for drug abuse and early pregnancies, issues that Barbara is all too familiar with after seeing her friends fall into these traps. In addition, residents of Eastlands also have to contend with poverty and high crime rates. This is definitely not an ideal place to bring up a family. But it is in these conditions that Barbara grew up, and it is amazing that she has not fallen to these influences or lost hope for a better future.

When you meet Barbara for the first time, you will first notice her outspoken, confident nature. The second thing you will notice is her intelligence – Barbara is a solid B+ student and earned 354 out of 500 marks in her term one exams. She is also an active member of her community, and can often be found educating her peers about the dangers and pitfalls of drug abuse and early pregnancy. Wherever she is, Barbara lights up the room!

Now that she is looking forward to high school, Barbara is seeking a scholarship to help her pursue her studies. Her family is unable to pay for her secondary school fees: her mother does laundry for other people in order to make ends meet on their rental payments and bills. Without the help of a sponsor, Barbara will not be able to attend a good school and earn the high-quality education she deserves. However, with the right support and mentorship, Barbara will no doubt play a significant role in her society in the future.