Moja Tu

Meet Audrey

Born and raised in the rural parts of Laikipia, Audrey’s parents divorced and her mother left to seek employment in the city, leaving Audrey and her siblings to be raised by their aging grandmother. Audrey joined secondary school at the start of the year after earning a high grade on her primary school exit exam, the KCPE. Audrey’s grandmother sold all their livestock in order to pay for Audrey’s school fees and send her to school with a few basic necessities. Audrey showed everyone that she deserved to be in school by earning an outstanding A- average at the end of her first term of high school. While this was an excellent start to her high school career, Audrey worried that it would be as far as she got; after selling all of their livestock, her family had no money left to cover Audrey’s second term of form 1.

Luckily, the Moja Tu board was in Kenya and visiting Laikipia county when we heard about Audrey’s story. After hearing of the dire situation at her home, we immediately agreed to take Audrey into our program. She is now attending Graceland Girls High School alongside many of our other female students. We are looking forward to seeing Audrey again at the end of the term and learning more about how she performed at her new school.

Audrey has seen first-hand the devastating effects of poverty on a family. She is a smart young woman who takes pride in hard work, and promises to use this pride to keep her grades up in school so she can help her siblings and grandmother. Audrey knows that getting an education is the only way to help her family escape poverty and develop her community in the future. Help Audrey break the cycle of poverty by sponsoring her education today!

Sponsoring Audrey’s high school education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!