Moja Tu

Meet Amos!

Amos is smart, hard-working young man, and has a good academic standing. At his end of term one exams, he scored 390 out of 500 marks, making him an A student and putting him at the top of his class. With such a performance, it is without doubt that Amos is well on his way to accomplishing his career goals which includes being a doctor. Amos is also passionate about IT, so much so that he was named the IT assistant to his class teacher. Amos knows that the best way for him to help his family and improve his future is to get a good education, and he works hard every day in pursuit of this goal.

Amos’ mother passed on when he was very young and he moved in to live with his elder brother and his family of five, who all share a two-roomed house. Having grown up with his nephews and nieces, he considers them his siblings. Amos received high praise from his brother’s wife, who finds him disciplined and sweet. She also appreciates the help she gets from Amos with household chores as well as looking after the young ones. He is also an active member of his church. Amos gives 100% to every task he is set upon.