Moja Tu

Meet Amos!

One of the youngest in a family of eight, Amos grew up worrying that he would undergo the same fate that befell his elder siblings, who, despite performing relatively well in school, couldn’t proceed with their education beyond class eight. The family’s financial constraints meant that they could not afford to pay for the school fees associated with going to secondary school, and they all had to drop out after class 8. With nothing to look forward to at home, his siblings left the nest one by one in search of greener pastures, and he and his mother have lost contact with all of them. Amos now lives with his mother in a tiny, two-roomed tin house. He sleeps in the kitchen.

Amos knows from his siblings’ experiences that being unable to pursue one’s education means the death of hope for a better future. As such, Amos values his education above everything else. A student at Lekuruki Primary School, he has been earning a solid B+ average in his studies and is now the top student in his class. He is also closely involved in his community, having been chosen to lead the Sunday school class of younger children and teach them the stories of the Bible.

Amos hasn’t yet lost hope of a better future, and is very optimistic that he will find a sponsor to help him continue his schooling. He wants to go where none of his older siblings have made it – on to high school, and beyond.