Moja Tu

Meet Agnes!

Originally from Laikipia county, Agnes has always been a dreamer. Her dreams were amplified by the programs she listened to on the radio, and she knew for sure there were more options for her life than following in her older siblings’ footsteps. All of them had either married young or dropped out of school in search of menial labor jobs. Agnes’ father is also a day laborer and was struggling to make ends meet for his children singlehandedly. To help ensure that she continued her education in an environment conducive to her needs, Agnes was moved to Dream Children’s Home. Here, she can grow up in a loving home surrounded by other kids and with her education guaranteed.

A born philanthropist, Agnes likes to dedicate her time to the elderly. Back in Laikipia, she could often be found visiting her older neighbors or organizing charity events to help them with chores around their homes. She hopes that this good work, and her impressive A average, will attract the attention of a sponsor to help her move on to high school at the start of 2020.

Agnes wants to be a neurosurgeon and plans to return to her remote, impoverished community in the future to help improve conditions for everyone who lives there. She has a warm heart and big plans for her future.