Moja Tu

Meet Abraham

Abraham is from the Maasai community. He has lived at Dreams Children Home for eight years now. His parents passed on when he was a small kid and he is the third born in a family of four children. His elder siblings didn’t go to school while the youngest in the family stays with an aunt.

Abraham tries his best to be a good role model to other young kids at the home who look up to him. In his academics, Abraham scores good grades. He is also very articulate and has already figured out his dream career – being either a pilot or a dentist.

His best subject is social studies. During his free time, Abraham likes playing football. He is an ardent Manchester United fan and he plays as a defender. Coming from a community that treasures livestock, his family wants him to be a moran in which case he will have to drop his education dream and go back home to look after cattle.

But Abraham wants to study so that he can go back to his community and help empower young children like him who want an education. The scholarship will do him good and open a world of immense possibilities for Abraham.

Sponsoring a secondary student is $1,020 a year, or $85 per month. This amount covers the students' tuition fees, and buys school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and other personal effects required to live at boarding school.

Joy Katanu