Moja Tu

Keeping the Faith

Faith is an outstanding student. She always puts her best effort forward in her classes, and this hard work is rewarded with a spot always within the top quarter of the students. Faith is naturally gifted in Biology, and she also loves classes such as CRE and English. English is especially important to Faith’s future; she has big plans to be a lawyer someday, and knows that she will have perfect her speaking skills in order to debate in a courtroom. For now, she is getting lots of practice by participating in the interschool debate competitions.

A natural-born leader, Faith always gravitates toward the head of class events and group projects. She has a clear voice that commands respect from her fellow students. Faith is also very independent. She enjoys her own company, taking her free time to walk and think, and also enjoy a book. Currently, she is re-reading Think Big, by Ben Carson. Faith says she wanted to read this book a second time in order to fully grasp the deep lessons the author is trying to impart.

Though Faith enjoys her own company, she’s no lone wolf. She stays active by participating in volleyball with her classmates. Faith says she enjoys volleyball because it requires a mix of physical and mental work. You have to concentrate on the ball and your teammates, as well as keep track of when you should hit the ball or give someone else the hit. This game gives Faith the chance to exercise and take a break from her studies, leaving her with a fresh mind and more energy.

Faith is a very disciplined, focused student, with a dream of positively impacting her community in the future. We admire Faith’s determination, and we are working to ensure that she receives every chance to fulfill her dreams.