Moja Tu

Meet John

John is 10 years old and is the 5th grade in the local primary school. He lives with his parents on a small farm in rural Kenya. He works odd and end jobs on neighboring farms such as tending to livestock and working the fields in order to help bring some additional income home to help pay for food. He is unable to focus on his education as that is secondary to helping sustain the family. He hasn’t been able to showcase his full potential educationally due to the amount of school that he misses.

Serena is his older sister and is currently sponsored by Moja Tu. She is heading into secondary school this coming year. John very much envies his sister and is hopeful that he will be given a similar opportunity. We are confident that he has the ability to preform strongly in school, if we can put him in an environment where he can focus on his studies and be a student.