Moja Tu


file-6 (002)Janet is a remarkable girl from the village of Tawa in rural Makueni County in Kenya. When Moja Tu first met Janet, her single mother was struggling to provide for her family in addition to caring for her elderly ill mother. The family relied mainly on farm food to get by putting school fees for Janet out of reach, although she was one of the best students in her primary school. Being the youngest of 4 children, Janet watched her older sisters get married off at a young age and her brother’s head to Nairobi in search of work. Having seen first-hand the struggles and adversity her family has endured, Janet understands how vital it is to work hard in school and get an education. Her philosophy is: “Only students that score good marks get noticed by well-wishers. I know I have to help my mother and grandmother and so I needed to join a secondary school and get a career after that. I am happy that Moja Tu has taken me in since I can now keep going to school.
It is with an infectious, optimistic attitude along with diligence and hard work that Janet has earned an extraordinary score of an A- on her middle school exit exam. She is currently in her first year of secondary school (freshman in high school) at Mary Leaky Girls School where she is doing well. After finishing secondary school, she is determined to go to university to become a doctor. As the Secretary of Education in her primary school, Janet spread her love for education with hopes of inspiring and helping other students who found themselves in similar situations to her own.

We wish Janet all the best as she continues her journey through secondary school. We know with her determination, anything is possible.