Moja Tu

Meet Irene

Strong and confident, Irene has stayed top of her class despite missing many school days and being without many of the basic necessities. She walks 30 minutes every day to her primary school in the Semi arid Laikipia County to attend school. She lives with her grandmother as her mother left for the city to try to find work to provide for her children. While living with her grandmother, she is her caregiver as she’s aging and not doing very well health-wise.

Irene knows that education is the key to her getting out of this state of poverty. She is very focused and ensures to always do what she can to be at the top of her class. She has a challenge day to day life, as she has to do many house chores such as fetching water and firewood in the evenings, wash her only uniform twice a week and make food for her ailing grandmother.

She is motivated and her scores have been very promising. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up, so she can one day help others in her community. Irene has a big heart and is hopeful that she will be able to achieve her dreams to help those in need through her work.