Moja Tu

In Joy’s Shoes

As a teacher, Joy’s mother knew how important it is for young people across Kenya to earn their education. Unfortunately, her teacher’s salary wasn’t enough to make sure her young daughter was able to continue on with her schooling. Joy and her mother found help in the form of Moja Tu in 2013. We quickly agreed to pay for Joy’s secondary school fees based on her high grades throughout primary school and the determination she demonstrated to improve her future. Joy excelled throughout her secondary schooling, earning consistently high grades and blowing us away with her quick wit and beautiful smile. At the end of 2017, she was among our largest group of form 4 students to graduate from high school – Joy took it a step further by achieving a grade on her KCSE high enough to secure her a spot a Dedan Kimathi University in Nairobi.

Joy has come a long way since we first met her and her mother in 2013. Now that she has finished her second semester of university, she says she has encountered quite a few new experiences as a young adult fully in charge of herself for the first time. Joy took a moment to reflect with us on her first couple semesters in university…

“My name is Joy, and I joined Dedan Kimathi University in May 2018. Here, I am earning a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. There are a lot of things to do in a typical day at the university, and I have learned to manage my time with a strict daily schedule and timetable to keep up with my studies and personal tasks. I always come home ready for bed!

My classes start at 8 AM and end at around 6 PM. I’m something of an early bird, so I am always awake and ready to start the day at 6 AM. Since the mind tends to be fresher in the morning, most of my early classes are theoretical. We usually sit in class for several hours, taking notes and discussing the topics brought up in class, while our professors oversee the conversation and teach us about the history and recent developments of the field of IT.

In the afternoon, I have my practical classes, in which I get to apply what I have been taught in my theoretical classes. My classes often involve making presentations; in these classes, the students get to share different ideas about IT and debate amongst ourselves about these ideas. At the end of these classes, we are assigned new material to research and present about in our next class. It’s a very engaging way to learn!

I’m not all work and no play. In my free time, I like to play chess and handball. These activities help me unwind after a long day of school. Once I return to my apartment at the end of the day, I take a moment to look through the material I learned that day to make sure I fully understand it. I also make sure that all my assignments and research for the day have been finished. Then I head to bed to do it all again in the morning!”

Joy is a hardworking, intelligent girl who is determined to become an expert in the field of IT.  We wish her well as she keeps working toward completing her goals!